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Skateboarding is...

What is skateboarding? How long have you been skateboarding? Why do you skate? Those are the most common questions non-skaters ask skateboarders especially grown man skaters. There are multiple answers to those questions but for now I'm mainly gonna focus on what is skateboarding and why us skateboarders continue to skate for as long as we do... What is skateboarding? Skateboarding is freedom, skateboarding is a way to express ourselves, skateboarding is art. Skateboarding is an escape from whatever troubles we are going through, we skate depending on our mood we are in at the moment, for example: when we are relaxed we tend to cruise around spots, linking together simple lines or taking our time to do a really technical trick on a ledge. when we are pissed off about something we charge through the local park or streets of NYC, daring anyone to get in our fucking way. Skateboarding is fun, Skateboarding is love, Skateboarding is everything to pretty much anyone that has ever decided to pick up a board. What keeps many many grown men still skateboarding is the sense of freedom and escape from their everyday seemingly boring and routine adult life. We grown men skaters have regular 9-5's, some of us even have full blown careers in something that isn't even skateboarding related, some of us have kids, gotten married, we barely have time to balance time for skateboarding but yet there's the main point of this post that I am typing up for you guys: we still MAKE TIME to get our boards out and skate. We may not be as good as the kids at the local park, we may not have all of the hardest tricks and we may not have video parts up every week on Instagram but what we do have is love, time, and passion for skateboarding, skateboarding will never leave us. Once a skater, forever a skater