Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dillinger Escape Plan free show in BK.

last weekend on Sat. there was a free DEP show put on by Converse it seems like the company has been doing this for the last two or three yrs. if i'm not mistaken last yr. was the show with Action Bronson which was free, at the same place Brooklyn hall of williamsburg. i went to both and i have to say so far so good, great artist and it FREE! it seems like Converse has good taste in music i didn't get any pics of the Bronson show but this time i knew i couldn't go wrong with Dillinger and took some pics of the mayhem, i've been a fan for along time now and anyone that likes them will tell you that u never know what to expect at their live shows this thing nearly broke into a riot the crowed was amazing and so was the band as usual, lots of energy and never skiping a beat (pro status) motherfuckers still reign supreme! this is a band that has been together since the 90's putting out mind blowing music and never compromising. anyways enough of this chattering and check out some of the pics in the end you can see how the crowed ended on stage and the bad playing on top of them!

this was a small clip of 2 older songs they hardly ever play.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Fully Flared (2007)

Eric Koston's part from Fully Flared, another classic from The Champ himself. Enjoy ya'll

Yeah RIght (2003)

This was the video that got me to start skateboarding in the first place. Yeah Right was an amazingly shot, edited and filmed skate video from GIRL back in 2003, and this was the video part that stood out to me among all the amazing lineup of the video, including a young Paul Rodriguez. His style and trick selection for this video is so ahead of its time, to this day a lot of current pros STILL can't do half of the lines he was doing. don't believe me? Look at his ender and tell me who else can pull it off....no else but Koston

Eric Koston video history

Here is another classic part from Eric Koston out of the video Mouse....

more Eric Koston goodness

another piece of history, this time from the Chocolate Tour

More Koston goodness

this was from GIRL Skateboard's first video Goldfish, crazy to think it's been 20 years since GIRL started and more than 20 years since Eric Koston became a pro. check out this gem from 1993

Eric Koston day

Here's another classic video part from Koston, from the eS video Menikmati, filmed by "French" Fred Mortagne, another timeless piece. Kids know your history (skate history that is)

More Koston video history

Here's another classic banger from Koston from the Chomp on This video. RIP GG Allin


Today is Eric Koston's birthday so today will be a retrospective of all his video parts from yesteryear to now, starting with this legendary part from 101 Skateboards enjoy kids

Saturday, April 27, 2013

In The Wake of the Boston Disaster....

In the wake of disaster, some companies tend to show support for victims in need. In this case, Expedition-one Skateboards recently put out a new video part from pro teamrider and Boston local Ryan Gallant. I believe this is all throwaway footage from late 2012 to this year because Expedition has a full-length video in the works. Stereo also put out a video part as well as part of a Youtube series called Stereophonic Sounds, introducing the world to a young man named Nate Greenwood who resides in New Springfield, Massachusetts. Both are really quality videos, down from the skating to the filming to the spots that's being shredded. Both are showing love to a city hit by tragedy and telling Boston they got their backs. Sit back, relax and enjoy ladies and gents :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another dope premier!!

Again just like the last one this will be premiering at Legion bar in BK Friday April26th @9pm with yours truly Blue Steel providing the skate jams and for the underage crowed it will be premiering at 4PM at our uptown Blades store see you then!

Friday, April 12, 2013

One week from today!

come and join us for the Premier of this anticipated sk8 flick it should be bad ass, yours truly Mr. Blue steel will be on the one's and two's spinning skate classics see you there!


One two, One two....just making sure im back on here after a long hiatus. Sorry for the long hiatus, I've been wrapped up in some stuff involving work, skating and college lately. I'll be back in a bit to hit ya'll with some good shit whether it's skateboarding or music. Be right back ya'll

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Biggie over Premo

like a fine dish biggie's rhymes sprinkled all over a delicious dish of Dj Premier's classics..oh shit, you can actually bop your head to this! enjoy.


good bye season 3 of "walking dead" you were awesome! we can't wait for season 4! holy moly!