Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Can't Go Home Again

this was suppose to be for Monday, but i've been so damn busy..enjoy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This Friday your face gets rocked!

Homies from Tiger Flowers and other crazy bands doing a show @

Legion bar
Brooklyn, NY
free i think show starts at 8pm


There's nothing better than "hump day" a.k.a Wed. u know the weekend is upon us and is time to put the controls on auto pilot, but for me it has become my ritual to be at Matchless in Bk for PARKING LOT METAL KARAOKE it's by far my fav. i've been to some others but nothing compares to this one, great vibes, cool bar tenders, good songs to choose from, easy to get to it and not to many idiots roaming the streets or coming in, but the best part is the "sing a Metal song and you get a FREE! shot!" part WIN!...so on that note i will like to put the word out there for those who don't know and declaring Wednesday's as METAL DAY!! always a great time. peep Simon Woodstock's old metal band featured on a 411 vid.

Yes! this was the guy who Ko'd Sicky fingaz from Onyx on MTv..google it! (if you don't know who sticky fingaz is, then you're to young to be on this site)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thrash Metal..

I've been having this itch to start a Thrash Metal band ala Prong, Panic, Vio-lence, Anthrax, Exodus, Early Metallica etc. but with a little twist, making it experimental and with more groove, solos,strobe lights,smoke,stage diving! just like hip hop new/young artist tap into old school styles to bring the new we need that in METAL! a hybrid of old skool thrash w/ some new...maybe a FunkyThrashMetal thang!..just a thought, but seriously brainstorming.