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Come & Listen!

This hip hop doesn't  exist anymore it's a novelty but only 
the real understand.

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Face melt!


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#Bloodsport #hellyeah

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pigeon/Rat T-shirt!!

My friend Shaggy, rocking the pigeon/rat t-shirt at Union Square in NYC. available at the store amplifyny.com

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kool Keith will be performing at Brooklyn Bowl tomorrow.

if you're in the NY area come check out a legendary hip hop artist "the man of the hour" KOOL KEITH with a bunch of other A.K.A's that i'm not going to mention here, you should know your shit. seen him plenty of times come experience MCing the way it should be done.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Always support that REAL sh*t!

So yestrerday one of the most underated  MC's Sean Price of Boot camp click and Heltah Skeltah passed at a very young age it made me so sad since i grew up with a lot of his work always dj it and rept it hard on cassette/cd/vinyl and now mp3 a funny,witty rapper with nothing to prove just pure skills and loved to do what he did best RAP over a Mothafucking beat! he was so real in all sense of the word i recall seeing him in the Streets of NY one time he was right in front of grace church in broadway posing for his album "jesus price super star" always holler his name out loud and he would just race his hand and say wutt up, im sure he was the same with all of his fans. another time i saw him in times Sq. getting a cartoon sketch of himself! it was hilarious to see that. (what other rapper out there does shit like this, none! they're all cought up in the glam and glitz) again i passed by him said "SEAN P!!" and gave him a pound. last i saw him was at a "Das racist" show where " Danny brown was opening and Sean was right there in the crowed! (no VIP section) next to me telling pepople he came to support Danny, mind you this is way before Danny brown blew up, this was the caliber of a man that he was a real genuine dude. you will be missed but your music will live forever! RIP SEAN PPP!!! P.S by the way that second song "monkey barz" makes me break my neck!! you will hear me Dj this song more than before now for all you dummies out there that never experienced his ART.

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Call me the specialist..


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The Least Expected

Alot of great things in life always seem to happen when it isn't expected. In skateboarding we seem to learn new tricks when we least expect it, we seem to get hired to our dream jobs when we least expected, learn of music collabos, deaths and pregnancies when we least expect it. Its only natural that humans find their better half when they least expect it. Crazy how I met a certain special lady in my life when i least expect it, especially learning that we are neighbors (she lives four blocks from my home here in the Bronx) I admit when I first met her I thought she was very pretty and I wanted to talk to her but a bit apprehensive because she had a bit of an infatuation with Asian dudes on social media, so I naturally assumed I wasn't her type, I decided to take a chance and strike up a conversation with her anyway and it paid off. We been talking since December and we decided to go on a first date in mid January and the more I hung out with this woman, the more she distracted me from work and my frustration from lack of skateboarding and wanted her to be in my life. About a few weeks later she surprised me with an amazing drawing of me based on a photo I took, which leads me to the reason why I am typing this. I am typing this because I don't have any artistic talents besides skateboarding and I figure why not show her my appreciation for her by typing this entry. I am honestly glad I have took the time to get to know her and hang out and be with her. She brings me the same happiness I get from learning a new trick or landing a hard trick after so many hours of working on that trick. My point is this: In life, everything you desire you have to work for it and put effort into it, and you'll get positive results of that labor when you least expect this. Babe if youre reading this I just want to say thank you so much for these last couple months, love you honey and I look forward to a real lasting relationship and future with you and thanks for putting me on to sake and Blue Moon :) By the way here is the picture she drew of me, she is an amazing artist. If you want to view her work and\or want a project commissioned please check out koyukipanda.com peace yall

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BODY COUNT - Institutionalized

real talk right here! BC covers Suicidal Tendencies "institutionalized"

with a twist that just about anyone in these days can relate, dope shit! right here.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ghostface Killah's 12 Reasons to Die....

Around wintertime 2013 Ghostface Killah put out 2 mixtapes, one titled The Brown Tape which was produced by Apollo Brown and 12 Reasons to Die, produced by Adrian Younge. Personally i like Adrian Younge's version of the Brown Tape better because of the production quality and grittiness of the beat which goes with Stark's storytelling style. I purchased this tape which also comes with an instrumental CD in case you feel spitting some bars of your own and I love that, this is hip hop in the purest form which executive production done by the Rza as well as appearances from Capadonna, Killa Priest, Inspectah Deck, U-Godd and Masta Killa. Hip hop heads rejoice, crack a Forty and enjoy homies!!