Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ONYX - Walk In New York

i swear to anyone this government got shit on lock down with the media, how is that we can't hear this hard core music on the radio anymore when back in the day it was the norm and relevant?! now is all glittery fake bubbleyum pussy shit to dumb down the masses cuz they don't want no one getting inspired,angry and rising up to the man because he who control the masses can control the world. 
i've been into metal/hardcore and hip hop since way back and i love all kinds of music always been open minded but love it when shit is real and you can tell it's from the heart! this Onyx video just says it all  and for those that don't know this is the group that introduced slam dance/mosh pit/ crowed surf to the hip hop world after this alot of live hip hop shows got brutal trust me.  P.S I STILL LOVE NY!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

just needed to vent out a little..

a man slices his throat  in a benefit office over "bedroom taxes",  Anti-protest law passes and is signed by the president! people are committing suicide over financial situations (greed,money and power taking over) racial tensions grows bigger in the U.S after the Trayvon case (the people will not take this shit anymore) WW3 might be brewing with Syria and Russia, technology is taking over dumbing down and brainwashing everyone (when was the last time u memorized a phone number)  the weather and seasons are going bonkers, Skateboarding has been highjacked by big monopolies and corporations leaving no room for independent brands to stay up in the game (i'm not hating still loving the pureness of it all) ooh almost forgot lil wayne colabs with limp shit stick ! (cuz the're back) music is dead everything is recycled, there is no originality, eras that marked what we are now and who we became are done 40's,50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's i've always been optimistic about life and humans but damn! we are the sickness the only optimism i have left is that there is a cure still, i don't know what it is but i know we can pull through this, for some strange reason i am not afraid or consumed by anxiety these are just the times we live in, in some subliminal way i feel like everything will explode and we will start the cycle all over (year one) after all sometimes i feel like life is a cycle and everything is in circles. i could never bring myself to saying "the end is near" cuz it sounds so ridiculous but man! (pun intended) hope everyone wakes up and open their third eye, now is the time to reach and tap into that new level of consciousness.....breath LIFE & GOODNESS into this world and others PEACE.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Open up a can of BEANS!

I was uploading some of my Beans cd's into my itunes and damn this shit took me back to that trippy/nerdy hip hop! def. underrated, no one has the balls to be different and creative as this guy. also props to Anti pop consortium.