Friday, December 24, 2010

Ooh u want to know something..

Comic books featuring Santa Clause kicking some ass!

        So this one is pretty awesome Santa Vs Frankestein nuff said!
check this one out! how legit is it Hulk Vs bad ass Santa! i mean the dude has a crowbar! and they falling out a mall window where u can always count on finding him. plain awesome.
now here's a good one Iron Man Vs Santa really?! st. nick is shooting a crazy laser beam and is down to kill ho-ho-homocide! lol classic! i need to find this goody.
This is one of my favorites The spectacular Spider Man here santa is packing a 45. caliber or some kind of magnum he's like a jolly "dirty harry"
This is a crazy one  it's like the D&D Dwarf but better cuz it's Santa aww, looking mad buff u can tell he got sick of that jolly suit and prob. pissed that people think he's a wuss. Santa the Barbarian ready to chop heads off!
..and last we got well, the tittle explains it all The last christmas for all u zombie fans/freaks santa is packing heat avenging his elfs and the rest of humanity. so there you have it who's the real Bad Ass? SANTA CLAUSE! who would've ever thought. great finds i'll be looking for some of these and i don't really collect comics anymore.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Real Life issues Art show opening.

Angel Orensanz Foundation Center 172 Norfolk Street, New York. 10002 New York, N.Y  Thursday, December 9 · 6:00pm - 10:00pm

A Lot has been said about this recently, but it is an unavoidable issue. Mexico is going through a period that is the result of long social instability.
Although this has general social implications, it affects each region of the country in a different manner. This is part of a multifaceted reality
that involves each one of its layers and supplies a broad scenario, providing context for everyday life and its issues.

Based on this, artistic projects can be developed in a period of reformulation and expansion of the current artistic environment. This has taken the
individual artistic process into areas that have aspects in common and that link social, political and economic circumstances in a very implicit manner.

This exhibition offers an individual artist´s perspective on the issues of their daily environment and circumstance, such as politics, cultural symbolic
values, issues of power and sex and doses of humor, among others.

The exhibition features emerging Mexican artists whose artistic processes consist of a mixtures of unconventional and traditional mediums such as
painting, drawing and engraving, as well as object and photography installations. Some of the work has been part of previous shows and some has been
exclusively created for this exhibition. The exhibit design will be an installation in situ.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

No Homo

                     Design by Daniel Berman (anonimo) a T-shirt in the works.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

is it racist?

                    salt n pepper shakers found at a 99 Cent store in BK oh boy.