Monday, October 22, 2012

Talk about real entertainment!

i would have to admit the first time i heard and saw these guys i was like WTF?! i didn't know weather to like them or hate them, as i kept listening and watching their videos they grew on me and i realized these mothafuckas are on some next level shit! very smart too, i did some research and found out they were completely different from their last group they had (Max Normal) that's when it hit me the JOKE is on us! and i respected the shit out of them ever since, always pushing things forward not jumping on the band wagon or following trends etc. basically being a puppet of the industry Die Antwoord steps up the ante and leaves you with your jaw wide open while dope beats and rhymes penetrate your ears and leave your brain confused, this is what i call originality! and creative music from the heart. Now, Lady caca recently had the balls to dis them over some bull shit "i fink u freaky but you don't have a hit hundred thousand tickets sold in South Africa" who the fuck cares bitch! talent and Originality is not based on sales of any kind either you got it or you don't...anyways this shit was so stupid to me but i did not expect these guys to have a come back, specially on a video! haha. now peep it and try to listen to the lyrics which is pretty much about all that "fruity pebbles" music in the industry (i will talk about that soon)it might be hard cuz of their accent but that's why google was invented.