Sunday, December 9, 2012

some catching up to do, Pretty Sweet, Instagram among other things....

...yeah sorry for the absence ladies and gentleman, NYC's most hated had to take care of important shit this season as well as catch up on some skateboarding, go to video premieres and, as the title of this post suggests, among other things. So in skateboarding news, ive been braving this cold shitty weather, putting on beanies and sweaters and going out skating in the city, working at my local skateshop in the Bronx (if you're ever in the Castle Hill area, check out Grindhouse and say whattup to me), and a old dog managed to learn some new tricks along the way! Yes, I'm 24 years old which isn't exactly old by most people's standards, but not gonna lie I sometimes feel old anyway haha. I've been skating solo alot lately because it seems this new generation of NYC skaters my age are too pussy to skate at night in the cold and the homies my age got girlfriends to stay warm with unlike me so yeah what else is there for a brotha to do? Also, what is so hard about putting on a flannel and a sweater and continue night skating like you did in the summertime? Pussies I'm telling you, we are in the age of Justin Biebers and this shit has gots to GO!!!! Okay, now that little bit of ranting is out of the way, lets get to the more positive things. Rick Howard, Mike Carroll and Spike Jonze's highly anticipated video from GIRL/CHOCOLATE titled "Pretty Sweet" has FINALLY hit stores last week after five long years in the making. They premiered the video in LA on exactly the same day Fully Flared premiered five years previously and then they had a showing at Sunshine Cinemas at LES here in NYC. It was a pain in the ass to get tickets at first because everybody and their mama pretty much rushed me to get one, then i sent an email to the guys at DQM for a ticket a week before the premiere but no one responded (THANKS ALOT DQM), but I ended up going anyway and I ran into Eric Koston and Rick Howard outside the theater and me and my boy Luis ended up getting hooked up with a ticket from them so big thanks to Rick for hooking it up. Not gonna say anything for those that still didn't see the video but i will suggest kids and grown folks alike to actually go out there and BUY the DVD or at least buy it off iTunes, trust me when I say this: Pretty Sweet was more than...pretty sweet, the video was one of the best edited, best shot, gnarliest videos I've ever seen in my life. Vincent Alvarez kicked the video off with one hell of a first part, linking together lines I couldn't even imagine anyone else pulling off, skating spots I would have quit on and having one hell of an ender ( a certain flatground trick PJ Ladd created gets taken to a new height), Stevie Perez surprised everyone with a breakthrough video part as an am, Raven Tershy stepped it up with the heshlaw, Cory Kennedy had more combos than KFC, Marc Johnson failed to disappoint which was amazing considering he did pretty much every trick imaginable in Fully Flared, but the highlight of this video goes to Guy Mariano. The man is 36 years old and still got what it takes to not only keep up with the young generation, but he is putting alot of kids to shame with his tech wizardry. He got last part and for good reason in my opinion. He had 20 plus never been done tricks and combos and one hell of a ender that may well be the best trick on a handrail ever done. Needless to say i bought the DVD the day it got released which was December 4th, kids get out there and get your parents to get a copy of the DVD which also comes with a Blu Ray version of the video and over one hour of throwaway footage, some of that footage should have been in the video itself but hey I'm not complaining. OHHH...almost forgot, Jack Black and Will Arnett make special appearances in this video too thanks to Spike Jonze's connections as a movie director. That's all i can say for now about this video until whenever the Plan B video drops ( which is pretty much NEVER) Yes ladies and Gentlemen, I know I'm late as all hell but I started an Instagram account last month, this shit is actually quite addicting! It's pretty much twitter but with photos and makes everyone seem artsy which is kinda lame but I am not ashamed to say I became a photo addict. It's pretty cool to see people like the random dumbass pics I put up on that app and documenting what I see via a smartphone camera. Anyways, if you actually give a shit, follow me @viktor_vaughn7 and I'll follow back. Peace....for the time being

Wednesday, December 5, 2012