Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh Guess what?!

for those that dindn't know NYC has been blessed with none other than MC Comeczechmi the Russian Rapper, Yes! u lame turds! get on this before the sickle gets in ur butt. MC Comeczechmi has been doing his thing trainning polar bears and even has a CD out called "The Cold War continues" check it out here and cop that CD! comrade! Eugene at the studio rocking the "living large" Amplify tee.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

just in case you're wondering, what the hell are those stickers i see evywear!.....

TMJ Fam. @ kinitting Factory.

Dj Hiro and the TMJ fam. had a release party for their "Electro wars" documentary@ the new Knitting factory last sat. we couldn't be there but the word out there was, that it was off the hook!.stay tuned and don't sleep on these Young cats making power moveS! reppin Amplify. i will keep u posted for more shows. roger that!