Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Skateboarding and Competition

Just a quick word: I personally wish skateboarding would go back to the simpler days when peeps skated just for the fuck of skating. Back then skateboarders would skate just to have a good time with their friends, skate the way they want to skate and progress at the same time. Sorry to say but thanks to all these big money skate contests like Street League and Maloof and corporate companies like Nike SB involved in skateboarding, I'm noticing more kids developing the jock mentality when it comes to skateboarding. Chill out guys it's not that serious for real. Now we have kids learning tricks not for fun but to take out the competition. Kids just relax skateboarding should be about FUN first then progression. The competition thing is kinda killing the essence of skateboarding if you ask me. When I get on my board I skate the way I want to skate and learn new tricks at my own pace, I really don't give a fuck about who's better or what are the trendy tricks I just want to skate because it is something I enjoy doing to the fullest with no skate politics involved. All I'm saying is...RELAX and enjoy skateboarding for what it is. Chill with that Street League mentality, just skate with your buddies or ride solo, progress at your own pace and most importantly HAVE FUN!!