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Concept Story Part One....

What is up guys? This is Viktor Vaughn, wishing you folks a happy new year!!! Hope your holidays were cool because mine was literally haha. Well, I haven't really told anyone, with the exception of a few friends, that I have been working on a science fiction comic series for the last two years. Haven't been able to come up with a title for it, due to life and work. Anyways without further ado, here is a bit of what I been working on..... What if, just like transgender surgery, there was a way to surgically remove DNA from your genetic makeup and replace it with the DNA of the race you desire to be? Racial motivated self-hatred is a big issue in the black community. Today you can see plenty evidence of that with black people bleaching their skin, straightening their hair, wearing hair that is not only not naturally theirs, but also not matching their natural hair texture. You even see blacks purposely procreating with other races simply to make "beautiful mixed babies", with nonblack features. Imagine a world where racial DNA transference is not only possible, but becomes a societal norm. LEAD CHARACTER; 26 year old black male scientist with expertise in biogenetics. At the age of 22 he conducted trans-DNA experiments with various wild animals. During these experiments he successfully transferred DNA with a lion and a sheep, which gradually caused sheeps to shed their wool like fur and grow cat like features, exhibiting the features of lions and vice versa, proving it is possible to change species via chemical DNA manipulation. This discovery caused a sensation in international news. Soon afterward, the US government took an interest in the scientist's DNA manipulation procedure. They called him and talked him into doing a trans-racial experiment on humans based on his past success with animals. This experiment would require the manipulation of melanin, as well as specifically caucasoid features, such as silky straight hair and physical facial structures exclusive to those of Caucasian descent and vice versa. Not limited to black and white genetics, his research even made it possible to fuse genetics to create the ultimate humans, utilizing the best traits of each race in existence to create a "super-human" result. They fully funded his research and gave him his own research lab, teamed with the top scientists in the world with expertise in bio-genetic manipulation. He successfully transferred racial DNA between two volunteers, turning one from black to caucasian and vice versa. Unbeknownst to him(the scientist), the government only intended to use this technology to build concentration camps to cultivate and create an army of their desired "superior" genetics, utilizing surgeons that have stolen and almost mastered his knowledge of racial DNA manipulation. These surgeons performed surgeries based on the scientist's successful trans-racial human experiments. The scientist, after seeing how detrimental to society his work would become when placed in the wrong hands, immediately regretted accepting the offer to share his discoveries and research with the government. He is growing sick of what his people are being subjected to by their own government. He sees his research lab being rebuilt into a concentration camp, with him being a guarded prisoner of his own lab. Luckily for him, he took the time to study his research lab and its different passageways. One foggy night, he used the cover of darkness to slip past the heavy security. He vanished. The news reported that he died in a lab explosion, although, in reality, the government was still actively searching for him. He went undercover, used a fake name and began to travel across America, warning people of what the government is planning. He doesn't stay for more than two days at any given location that he visits in fear of being captured by the CIA or the FBI. One day the scientist ended up somewhere in New Jersey. While there, he met a woman at one of his underground speaking events. This woman reveals herself as the leader of a small resistance group based in New Jersey. Unfortunately, someone tipped off local police about the anti-government speaking campaign, and during one of his seminars, he faintly heard sirens in the distance. SWAT teams were closing on his location. The woman he met however lead him to a side exit that lead to an alley. They hurried through the alley, hopped over a fence, and found themselves in front of what appeared to be an abandoned school building. The mysterious woman beckons the scientist to follow her. Nervously, he walks with her to the front entrance, there she unlocks the door with an ankh-shaped key. They go inside and it appears to be completely deserted, save for two soldiers, armed with modified M4 assault rifles, guarding what appears to be a freight elevator. The woman walks forward and when the guards sees her they immediately stands at ease and salute her. The scientist attempts to follow but is blocked by the two guards. The woman nods to the guards, alerting them that he is with her and they immediately lower their weapons and allow him entry. Once inside, the guards close the freight elevator door. The elevator lights up, revealing a digital keypad. The woman punches in a five digit code and the elevator starts moving downward. After ten minutes of silence, the elevator finally comes to a stop..... Okay guys this where I end part 1 of the story. What you have read is the prologue/introduction to an ongoing story that I have hopes of turning into an digital comic series. Hope you all enjoyed this teaser, I will be writing more content of this story in the near future on this blog exclusively, hit me up with any feedback good or bad. Have a great year everyone and stay woke!!